Slim Crystal Bottle Review

Slimcrystal Water Bottles

Clean water to drink is a primal necessity to life and something we all take for granted! People carrying water bottles to drink from is a common sight everywhere. The kind of water you drink, the amount you drink, and what you drink it from is of utmost importance – sounds unbelievable? Well, the bottle you drink your water from, can help you lose belly fat, claims this website. Can it be true? Let’s find out!

If there is a particular type of water bottle that can help you lose that extra fat, won’t it be absolutely dreamy and magical?! Yes, Slimcrystal water bottle s claim to be just that – not only will they satisfy your thirst but also help you in healthy weight loss and will improve metabolism. Slimcrystal is the only water bottle that claims to help you on both counts.

What is Slimcrystal water bottle and how it works

The Slimcrystal water bottle s come with crystals inside that work towards weight loss. It also helps in improving metabolism and clearing the clutter from your mind. You will be astonished at the natural process of weight reduction. So, what is it exactly? There are nine gemstones inside the water bottle in the form of crystals that have the medicinal properties of regularizing body metabolism to lose weight. These crystals also have several other health benefits.

The manufacturers of this bottle claim that consuming about three liters of water every day from this bottle will help you get rid of the extra fat and maintain your body shape. The crystals in the bottle heal the body, and thousands of users have benefited from using this. You will also find your mood elevated and your mind relaxed. If you continue to use it for 3 months at a stretch, you will see the desired results. Since it is very easy to carry anywhere, you can make use of the benefits of this bottle wherever you go.

The bottle has a unique combination of gems such as Agate, amethyst, jasper, quartz, sodalite, moonstone, green aventurine, carnelian, and citrine, each of which carries lots of benefits.

The benefits of these stones are:

  • Agate: to transfer negative energy to positive ones
  • Amethyst: to improve the immune system and skin texture
  • Jasper: to maintain mental balance & focus, and to remove stress and anxiety
  • Quartz: to regulate the body’s energy and boost the immune system
  • Sodalite: to heal gastrointestinal problems and improve body energy
  • Moonstone: to build happiness, self-discipline and improve strength
  • Green Aventurine: to promote the healing process and enhance the natural beauty
  • Carnelian: to help joints and bones heal well and to maintain kidneys
  • Citrine: to boost energy and give inspiration.

The nine gems in the bottle release their properties into the water to help in losing weight naturally. The low metabolic rate of your body gradually improves thereby reducing the fat without any ill effects. For several decades, this formula has been used to heal many ailments. Consider it a lost ancient secret, now rediscovered!

The crystals make the oxygen level in the water improve which in turn, assists metabolic rate and thus helps you lose the fat. You will start feeling very energetic in drinking water energized by these crystals. You will not need any supplements for your weight loss. Everything is covered by this bottle. You do not have to strain to lose weight. Slimcrystal water bottle s claim to be the latest and most effective means of losing weight and other health issues.

The product offers you bonuses too:

  • Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook and Videos – with recipes of healthy food with videos of expert chefs.
  • Slim Over 55 program – with fifty-five programs of exercises that are age specific to make you fit and flexible.
  • 57 Secrets of Reverse Ageing – contains details on natural and organic products to stay young and talks about the science behind age reversing factors.
  • Free Bracelet – A Slimcrystal bracelet in support of health and especially if you like to have accessories in hand.


  • Slimcrystal water bottle s are the only ones to help in weight loss.
  • The combination of the nine gems supports digestion and increases energy levels.
  • The rate of metabolism of your body improves when you continue to use the bottle for 3 months.
  • Overall body ailments are cured, and skin and appearance improve.
  • To get the desired result, you need to consume three liters of water from this bottle, which in turn also ensures you drink ample water each day
  • No diet restrictions or weight reduction supplements are needed.
  • All your negative thoughts, anxiety, and thoughts get reduced, and you become more positive.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee too if you are not satisfied.
  • When you order two or more bottles, you get a cool discount and a free bonus.


  • Since the whole process is natural, you may start to see the results only after 60 days.
  • The results may vary vastly from person to person.

Final Verdict

As compared to others in the market, the water bottle is one of its kind to have gemstones inside that work for your body. Whenever you drink water from it, your body gets more energy and you experience an accelerated rate of metabolism. What I liked best about this is the fact that your digestion improves, and you also witness gradual and natural weight loss. The reviews of the customers who use this bottle are really encouraging, and since the price is quite affordable, you can buy and try this. The best aspect is that you get a good discount on the price and free bonuses too. Many labs have also tested these water bottles and found that the combination of crystals increases the oxygen level; thus, their reasoning has been accepted as valid and logical.

I find that the product continues to receive positive reviews and no negative feedback as yet. People start loving the product after witnessing the change it brings to their minds and health. What else is needed when a product is assured of no side effects, especially in weight reduction? There is also a money-back guarantee which makes the product all the more impressive. The product is in great demand as it has been helping people like you lose weight, stay healthy, and stress-free. The Slimcrystal bottle seems to have earned the praise of many who say that it is definitely worth the buy.

The product seems to be getting overwhelming support from those who used it. With a money-back guarantee and no side effects, do you have to really hesitate to buy this and give it a try? My rating of this product based on the sheer creativity, ease of use, reviews, and features is 5 Stars!

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